At Lumabone, we believe that dogs deserve only the best. They are, after all, our best friends, there for us whenever we need them without a doubt. That’s why we put so much into creating the perfect chew toy to keep them happy and healthy.


Our durable chew toys are made specifically for dogs, catered to their paws and brains. Unlike many other dog toys, Lumabone is flavored with REAL bacon, beef, and wood that smells so good it’s sure to get them drooling.


This also means that our wishbone chew toy has specially placed grooves and happens to have three prongs so that your dog can hold it with a firm grip – no opposable thumbs needed. Plus, our dental chew has a special curved design that rocks on a flat surface and never gets stuck flat on the floor!


Every bit of our products is sourced and made right here in the USA. Your wallet will thank you, too, because Lumabones are made to be long-lasting. This means saying bye to expensive chews that are gobbled up in just a few minutes. Your Lumabone can last up to a month, even with daily chewing!