The Life of a Lumabone

We recommend replacing your Lumabone approximately once a month. But, we recognize that every dog’s chewing strength is different. The photos below are a good reference when determining when it’s time to toss your current bone and grab your pup a shiny, new one! If you need more guidance on when to toss, shoot us a note (with pictures) using the contact form and we’ll chat it out.
Fresh out of its packaging, this brand new Lumabone is ready for a long chewing session with your pup.

Smooth, delicious, and packed with flavor, this new Lumabone is what doggie dreams are made of! You may not be able to smell the flavor, but your dog’s nose will pick it up right away.


Looks like your dog has gotten a good first taste of his Lumabone. The surface is showing some slight wear and rough spots, but there is no significant damage to the overall product.

Small bits may have come off, but nothing bigger than the size of a sugar cube has. To breathe some life back into the chew, try smoothing out the surface with a wood file.

Watch where you step! A partly chewed Lumabone is like stepping on a Lego… ouch!


Give your dog a belly rub
because he’s put in some
good time with this Lumabone!

This chew has become quite rough around the edges, and you may notice some of the product is now missing. Again, if more than a sugar cube worth of product is missing, it’s time to go.

Tossing your Lumabone is tough, but there’s more bacon flavor out there to be enjoyed!


Oh my, large chunks of the product are now missing! The overall shape of the product is completely different from its shiny new counterpart.

Sadly, this Lumabone has already reached the point of no return. And, while it has provided plenty of entertainment for your pup, it was probably time to part ways a while ago!

Let your pup know it’s okay to break up. Something newer and shinier will come along soon enough.
No one likes to think about cooties and germs making their way onto your dog’s toys, but it’s inevitable. Bacteria loves bacon just as much as your dog does, which is why we suggest you replace your Lumabone after a month.

We know it can be hard to part with a Lumabone, but we’re here to help. If you’re ever unsure about whether it’s the right time to replace your Lumabone, please reach out to us at or send us a message on our social media at @chewlumabone! We are always here to lend a helping paw!